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WESTERN HOKKAIDO / Otaru & Kiroro Area

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Otaru is a port city that gives you a nostalgic mood with many historical buildings. A popular spot, Otaru Canal, creates the sense of nostalgia with a line of gas lights at night. A glassware and music boxes are popular souvenirs to remind visitors of their trip to this quaint city.

Events -Places of interest & notable sights - Denuki Koji Alley
Brochures Historical structures and cityscape, Nishin Goten (Herring Mansion), Otaru Aquarium, Otaru Transportation Museum, Partie Chikko, Otaru Port Marina, Sakaimachi Dori (Marchen Crossing), Catholic Tomioka Church, Sumiyoshi Shrine.
Photo Gallery
Site Policy -Specialties -
Japanese glass products, sushi, sake, local beer, wine, boiled fish paste, kombumaki (rolled kelp), pottery, music boxes.
Otaru City
K's Blowing (Glass works) Sakai-machi Street
Hilton Otaru
Asari Classe Hotel
Authent Hotel
Kourakuen (Ryokan)
JTB Otaru Branch
Otaru Canalside Glass Factory
Otaru Taisho Garasukan (Glass works)
Otaru Orgel-Doh Wing Bay Otaru
Merry Go Round (Wall decoration works)
Dye and Weave Atelier Kazu
Kitaichi Glass Studio
Kitaichi Museum of Venetian Art
Tanaka Sake Brewery "Kikkogura"
Kitanohomare Shusenkan (Sake Museum)
Otaru Wine Gallery
Yoichi Town

Yoichi is located in the bottom of the Shakotan peninsula, the western part of Hokkaido. There are many cultural properties for you to explore and learn about the town and its history. The natural bounty, surrounded by the sea and mountains, yields a variety of farming products such as fruits (apple, grape, peer), processed seafood and alcohol (wine and whiskey).

-Places of interest & notable sights - The Nikka Whiskey Yoichi Distillery
Nikka Whiskey Yoichi Distillery, Rosoku Iwa (candle-like rock), tourist orchard, Former Yoichi Unjo House, Space Museum, Marine Museum, "Former Yoichi Fukuhara Fishing Ground," which is a historical site designated by the national government .
-Specialties -
apples, grapes, cherries, whiskey, wine, sweetfish dishes, dried herring, cod roe, salted herring roe, pears, Ringo-no-Hoppe.
Yoichi Sightseeing Association
The Nikka Whiskey Yoichi Distillery
Yoichi Space Museum
Niki Town

Niki serves as Hokkaido’s leading town of fruits and relaxation. Fresh fruits production starts with strawberries in spring, and continues with cherry, blueberry, grape, prune, apple and peer production until autumn.

-Places of interest & notable sights - Fruits Park Niki
Kanko Kajuen tourist orchard, Fureai Utopia Park.
-Specialties -
cherries, grapes, apples, prunes, blueberries, strawberries, Ginzan melons.
Akaigawa Village

With a population of only 1,300, Akaigawa neighbors metropolitan Sapporo and Otaru cities, but is itself located amid the mountains. You can take advantage of the rich natural mountain environment to do outdoor activities and winter sports. Also, a free-flowing hot spring allows you to rest in comfort.

-Places of interest & notable sights - KIRORO Resort
Kiroro Resort, Akaigawa Village Recreation Center, Miyako Park, Yashio Park, Bannosawa Falls.
-Specialties -
melons, Yamanaka Farm soft ice cream, Akaigawa Shokuhin Company pickles, pumpkin, sweet corn, strawberries, watermelons, Caldera Charcoal.
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