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Differentiated by the Shakotan-blue sea and unusually shaped rocks, Shakotan has three great capes: the Hokkaido Heritage-recognized Kamui Cape; the Shakotan Cape embracing Shimamui Coast, one of the 100 best shores; and Ougon Cape. The sea boasts one of the best lucidities in Hokkaido, being designated a marine park. Sightseeing boats run the coast, showing the tourists inside the sea. You will be amazed by the sunset on the Sea of Japan as you sit relaxing in a town-run outdoor spa.

Brochures -Places of interest & notable sights - Misaki-no-Yu
Weather Cape Shakotan, Cape Ogon, Shimamui Coast, Bikuni Kodomari Campsite, Undersea Observatory (observation boat) , Cape Shakotan Campsite.
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Site Policy -Specialties -
Japanese sea urchin, salted sea urchin, pumpkin pie, awabi monaka, Bikuni Monogatari (cookies), various types of processed marine products, Tansui (local sake), sake manju.
Shakotan Tourist Association
Furubira Town

Located on the eastern coast of the Shakotan peninsula, Furubira is surrounded in the beautiful sea and greenery, particularly represented by a coastline of extraordinarily shaped rocks and cliffs. Our specialty, tarako (cod row) is shipped not only across Hokkaido but also to Tokyo and many other parts of Japan.

-Places of interest & notable sights - Gohyaku Rakan (Zengenji Temple)
Zengenji Temple (Gohyaku Rakan), Setakamui (strange-shaped rock ), Sea of Japan Furubira Hot Spring "lchibokan," Furubira Family Travel Village.
-Specialties -
cod roe, frozen sea snails, Furusato Pack (assortment of local marine products), herring roe, cod roe pickled in wine, dried herring, salted sea snails, salmon roe.
Kamoenai Village

Untamed landscapes enhanced by unusually shaped boulders, cliffs, and views of Shakotan’s blue sea welcome you. Kamoenai assures you of excitement and a wide smile with offerings of camping activities, open-water swimming, fishing, hiking, hot spring and fresh seafood.

-Places of interest & notable sights - Nihonkyodo Gangukan
Madoiwa Rock, Shishamonai Falls (shipboard observation only), Annai Observation Park, Cape Ryujin, Kamoenai Year 2000 Forest Park, Kamoenai Local Data Exhibition Hall, Kamoenai Japan Local Toy Exhibition Hall.
-Specialties -
pickled sea urchin, low salt cod roe, atka mackerel pickled in salt and rice malt, marine delicacies, smoked fish, Hot Spring 998 "Yunohama".
Tomari Village

Located in the southwestern Nishi Shakotan, Tomari is a village of fishery and tourism. We boast beautiful views of the Sea of Japan’s marine blue as well as the green of the surrounding mountains. Along the coastline, you can see Nishin Gotens (herring palace), fukuroma (a fishing port simulated by piling stones) and the like. Among other attractions are hot springs, sports, rich marine harvests with many more to explore.

-Places of interest & notable sights - Benten Island
Benten Island, Nishin Goten Tomari (Herring Mansion Tomari), Tomarin-kan (nuclear power PR center).
-Specialties -
sweetened sea urchin, sea urchin icecream, dried atka mackerel, Tomarinoen (refined sake), sake-no Izushi (fermented salmon), awabi (abalone) monaka.
Iwanai Town

You may notice how many sushi restaurants are in Iwanai, where you can enjoy fresh seafood produced by the deep sea waters. At night, the town-view from the Sea of Japan and streetscapes is of an unparalleled beauty. Why don’t you come and see for yourself ?

-Places of interest & notable sights - Road Station Guide Centre Taramaru-kan
Benkei-no-katanakake (Benkei's sword rack) rock, Kasa Iwa (Umbrella Rock), Kiatsuin Buddha, Higashiyama remains, Narukami Falls, night view of iwanai, Raiden Beach, Marine Park, Iwanai Taramaru Market, Iwanai Hot Spring Resort, Raiden Hot Spring Resort, Arai Memorial Museum of Art, Kyodokan.
-Specialties -
deep Sea of Japan Iwanai water, cod roe, dried herring, herring roe, Tatsukama (fish cakes made with cod sperm sacs), asparagus, sushi.
Iwanai Town
Iwani Tourist Association
Kida Kinjiro Museum of Art
Kyowa Town

Kyowa’s uniqueness lies in: Shinsen Marsh, the most beautiful inland waters in the Niseko system; as well as Raiden rice, Raiden watermelon, Raiden melon and Raiden sweet corn, all of which are harvests of the Mother Earth. Kyowa is a homely town where Kakashi(scarecrows) harmonize with the surroundings.

-Places of interest & notable sights - Shinsen Marsh
Shinsen Marsh Natural Recreation Forest, Oyachi Marsh, Kakashi Furusato-kan, Horoni Railway Memorial Park, Nishimura Keiyu Museum of Art.
-Specialties -
watermelons, melons, sweet corn, Kyowa rice, natural cheese, handmade miso (soybean paste), yams.
Keiyu Nishimura Museum of Art
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