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Various Activities In the middle of Kariba Motta Prefectural Natural Park, Shimamaki is blessed with a rich natural environment: A rugged coastline extends for 50 km; Mt. Kariba is the highest mountain in southern Hokkaido with lovely alpine plants growing there; and Garo-no-taki (Garo Falls) is proud to be Japan’s largest waterfall. People think highly of the village as a good base for forest walks and fishing.
Events -Places of interest & notable sights - Garo-no-Taki
Brochures Mt. Kariba Natural Recreation Forest, Enoshima Beach, Motta Beach, Garo Highland, Dragon Water, primeval beech forest, Road Station Yotteke! Shimamaki.
Photo Gallery -Specialties -
Site Policy Shimamaki wine "Garo-no-Taki," nama-fumi sea urchin, ebi-no amazuke (pickled sweet shrimp), daruma ika (boiled Japanese squid), sasa-yaki ika (seasoned Japanese squid), namadaki shirasu tsukudani (young sardines specially boiled in soy sauce).
Suttsu Town
Herring fishing used to bring Suttsu prosperity. Today, several buildings ? Hokkaido’s tangible cultural property Unjo-ya Honjin and herring palaces ? as well as the legacy of Yoshitune and Benkei, remain to pass down the town’s history. There are also many scenic spots such as Cape Benkei, the Hamanaka Coast and Isoya Highland.
-Places of interest & notable sights - Cape Benkei
Benkei Statue, wind power plant, Nishin Goten (Herring Mansion), Kakuju Sato Residence designated as a tangible cultural asset by the Hokkaido Government, Suttsu Hot Spring"Yubetu-no-Yu".
-Specialties -
namataki shirasu tsukudani, hokke izushi (fermented atka mackerel), uni ichiya-zuke (pickled sea urchin), abalone, Kotobuki oysters, Kotobuki yams.
Kuromatsunai Town
Utasai Beech Forest has been long-protected from logging by past townsfolk. With the forest as a symbol of town development, Kuromatsunai cherishes the natural environment including the Kuromatsunai lowlands, the pastoral scenery of dairy farms, as well as the lifestyle and culture of farming villages.? Kuromatsunai continues efforts to make a community-oriented experience and stay through exchanges with urban residents.
-Places of interest & notable sights - Buna-no-Mori
Utasai Beech Forest, Utasai Shizen-no-le, Becch Center, Handmade Processing Center "Toit Vert," Road Station Kuromatsunai "Toit Vert Ⅱ".
-Specialties -
ice cream, white blue cheese, camembert cheese, ham and sausages, Buna Shizuku (distilled spirit), Buna-no-Seseragi (refined sake), Buna-no-Sasayaki (wine).
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