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Finding jobs in Hokkaido ShiriBeshi area

Let’s work and stay at one of the world well known resort area Shiribeshi, Hokkaido!

This site introduces seasonal jobs and living places in Hokkaido Shiribeshi area.

Shiribeshi is located in the southwestern part of the island of Hokkaido. There are "Otaru", which is a famous traveler destination, and "Niseko", "Kiroro" and "Rusutsu" which are acclaimed as a popular internationally resort area.

You can post job-opening information in Shiribeshi between spring and autumn.
Details here


13 February 2017 Summer Job Fair will be held 22th and 23th February, 2017. Details here.
23 January 2017 We added No.21 and No.24 Job-opening information.
7 December 2016 Summer Job Fair will be held 15th and 16th December, 2016. Details here.
28 October 2016 This site launched.

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Agreement to build an international resort area where local community and resort companies can work together, boost exchanges, and develop each other.

Hokkaido Government Shiribeshi General Subprefectual Bureau, Shiribeshi District Bureau Of Education of Hokkaido Government Board of Education, resort companies, Japan Agricultural Cooperatives and municipal governments in Shiribeshi area have agreed to develop Shiribeshi area.

Details here (Sorry, Japanese only)

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