Treatment of Personal Information

We, the Hokkaido Government Shribeshi General Subprefectual Bureau, properly treat personal information we collect through free job placement service under the Hokkaido personal information protection ordinance.

[Definition of Personal Information]
Personal Information means the information which identifies the individual person and is provided through free job placement service. (i.e. name, address, phone-number and e-mail.)

[Purpose of use]
We use it for the following purposes:
- Free job placement service
- Introduce living places
- Understand employment situation

[Management of Personal Information]
We take safety measures properly and reasonably to protect it from unauthorized access, loss, crash, falsification, leak, etc. If they were to occur, we will take corrective measures promptly.

[Sharing of Personal Information to third parties]
Provided personal information is shared with the following official organization and public companies:
- Public Employment Security Offices
- The following four Japan Agricultural Cooperatives which have agreed on the “Agreement to build an international resort area where local community and resort companies can work together, boost exchanges, and develop each other”.
1. Japan Agricultural Cooperatives Kyouwa
2. Japan Agricultural Cooperatives Shin-otaru
3. Japan Agricultural Cooperatives Yoichi
4. Japan Agricultural Cooperatives Youtei

We will share the minimum necessary personal information to employers or owners of living places, only if you agree to provide it.

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