Invitation | Create Your Career in Shiribeshi, Hokkaido.

Invitation | Create Your Career in Shiribeshi, Hokkaido.

Welcome to Shiribeshi: the Home of Diversity

-Shiribeshi Region Recruiting Portal-

Shiribeshi in Hokkaido

 SHIRIBESHI - located near New-Chitose Airport and the prefectural capital Sapporo. Shiribeshi is a thriving, multicultural region with easy access to scenic views and activities. In summer, visitors and residents can enjoy rafting, canyoneering, golf, and hiking. In winter, Shiribeshi becomes a world-class ski resort, with renowned powder snow. Hokkaido’s bounty is available in the treasure trove of restaurants all year round.
 “You’re hired!” Come and create a new life here in Shiribeshi!

Mr. Mishima's Garden on May.

Mr. Mishima’s garden in Kutchan. They kindly open for public from the end of May.


Recruitment Pages

Shiribeshi Job and Accommodation Placement System “Matching Plan”

 Shiribeshi Subprefectual Bureau offers arrangement service for job and accommodation seeker and companies (“Matching Plan”). Those who wish to apply for the service, please click the following banner.
 This is official service of Hokkaido Local Government, free of charge.

Shiribeshi "Matching Plan".

Recruitment Pages of Companies and Organizations in Shiribeshi

The following are recruitment pages of companies and organizations in Shiribeshi. (Outside Hokkaido Local Government Website)

Recruit information for the Companies and Organizations in Shiribeshi
Niseko Promotion Board(NPB) Renowned Hotels and Resorts in Niseko Area (include Kutchan, Niseko and Rankoshi town).
KIRORO RESORT A year-round resort as like skiing, summer kayak tours et cetra in Akaigawa. Akaigawa village is located in Northern Shiribeshi and is a member of “the most beautiful villages in Japan” alliance.
RUSUTSU RESORT A four seasons resort included nature sports as like skiing and a big summer amusement park. Rusutsu village is located in Eastern Shiribeshi. (Japanese Pages Only)
JA Yotei JA (Japan Agricultural co-operatives) offers the workplace in agricultural fields around Mt. Yotei. (Japanese Pages Only)
Kutchan CCI CCI (Chamber of Commerce and Industries) offers jobs in Kutchan Town. (Japanese Pages Only)
Rankoshi SCI SCI (Society of Commerce and Industries) offers jobs in Rankoshi Town. (Japanese Pages Only)
Niseko SCI SCI offers jobs in Niseko Town. (Japanese Pages Only)


Sunset in Kyowa town

Sunset beyond the Sea of Japan. Photo taken in Kyowa heading towards Iwanai.


How to reach to Shiribeshi?

Access Map to Shiribeshi

 For Niseko Area (Kutchan, Niseko and Rankoshi)
 From New-Chitose Airport and Sapporo:
 Take a JR rapid service to Otaru and transfer to the local train. From the airport, two rapid trains out of five are bound for Otaru every single hour. For those who wish travel past Kutchan, it may be better to transfer to a local bus. Please consult the bus and train schedule.
 From Sapporo, direcrt connection bus (the Express Bus Niseko/高速ニセコ号) is also available. The buses oparate three times a day.

 For Akaigawa (Kiroro)
 From New-Chitose Airport:
 Take a JR rapid service to Otaru and transfer to the local train to Yoichi. From the airport, two rapid trains out of five are bound for Otaru every single hour. From Otaru, all the trains heading to Kutchan direction stop Yoichi.
Then transfer to “Mura Bus(むらバス)” at Yoichi station. The buses are operated four times on weekdays and three times on holidays.

 For Rusutsu
 From New-Chitose Airport:
 Take a JR rapid service to Sapporo. All the rapid service stop at Sapporo Station. Then transfer to a bus bound for Lake Toya Hot Springs (洞爺湖温泉) or Toyoura (豊浦) from the bus terminal by the south exit. The buses are operated four times a day and RESERVATION is REQUIRED at least two hours prior to bus departure. (+81-11-865-5511/Donan Bus Company, Japanese Only)

 *Transportation information updated on Nov. 2022.
 *Above are only your references.

Climate in Shiribeshi (Kutchan, the capital of Shiribeshi)

Average Temperature(Summer) H:+25.4ºC(77.7ºF) L:+16.7ºC(62.0ºF) (Aug.)
Average Temperature(Winter) H:-2.0ºC(28.4ºF) L:-9.6ºC(14.7ºF) (Jan.)
Snowfall 253cm/month, Maximum 32cm/day (Jan.)
 The temperatures are low during winter-on average temperatures stay below zero Celsius during the winter and winter lows can be as low as -20ºC (-4ºF).  The average snowfall is twice that of Sapporo, but the snow removal is extremely efficient, so there is nothing to worry about.


Mt. Yotei from a parking lot in Kimobets.

“Look up the lofty Mt. Yotei with pure snow” Photo taken at Aikawa, Kimobetsu.








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