ShiriBeshi Adventure

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It is the video summary site where I collected experience-based sightseeing of the Shiribeshi



Sakazuki Terrace

Enjoy activities that let them feel the
waves and wind, dive into the mysteries
of the sea, and more. Adults can Enjoy
the ocean in a playful way.

Address 231-4 Moiwa,
Tomari Village Okishinaimura
TEL 0135-75-2020

Otaru Canal Cruise

A 40-minute boat ride on the Otaru Canal,
which changes its appearance with the
four seasons. The new standard of
rediscover the historical city of Otaru
with the Otaru Canal !

Address 5-4 Minatomachi, Otaru City
TEL 0134-31-1733
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Otaru Shioya Coast is a scenic spot that foems
part of the Niseko-Shakotan-Otaru Coast Quasi
National Park. Why don't you feel the beautiful
sandy beach and beautiful ocean at SUP?

Address 1-27-3 Shioya, Otaru City

Otaru Blue Cave Ryugu Cruise

04_小樽青の洞窟 龍宮クルーズ.jpg

Address 4-5 Minatomachi, Otaru City
TEL 0134-32-3911


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Experience with family!
ShiriBeshi Adventure

①【Akaigawa village】Hopi Hills
ー Interact with animals
②【Niki Town】Sakuranboyama Farm
ー Apple-picking experience
③【Kutchan Town】UKKA
ー Rafting

Girls' trip!
ShiriBeshi Adventure

①【Rusutsu village】Rusutsu Resort
ー Mountainbike
②【Rusutsu village】ZIP sports
ー Paraglider Tandem Flight Experience
③【Otaru city】Kuramure
ー Meal


KTA Kutchan Cycling

05_KTA Kutchan Cycling.jpg

Address 29-102 Kita 4-jo Higashi 2-chome,
TEL 080-5770-4464

Niseko Hanazono Resort

The longest zipline in Japan is 2,591
meters, and the longest zipline, Black
Diamond Super Fly, is 1,700 meters long,
making it one of the longest ziplines in Asia!
With a maximum speed of over 110 km/h,
this zipline is one of the most thrilling
“flying experiences” in the world.

Address 328-36 Iwaobetsu, Kutchan-cho
TEL 0136-21-3333
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Tree Trekking
Niseko HANAZONO Resort

07_Tree Trekking-ニセコHANAZONOリゾート.jpg
Suspension bridges, zip lines, ropes, and
wooden elements high above the trees in the
vast forest. A total of six tree trekking courses
that allow you to use your head and body to
the fullest are sure to satisfy even the most
active kids and adults!

Address 328-36 Iwaobetsu, Kutchan-cho328-36 Iwaobetsu, Kutchan-cho
TEL 0136-21-3333

Yoichi Vineyard Glamping


Yoichi, Hokkaido, has the largest production
of wine vineyards in Hokkaido. By staying
in the wonderful nature surrounded by the
vineyards of Yoichi wineries, enjoying meals
using local ingredients, and fully enjoying
Yoichi through activities unique to Yoichi,
more people will be able to enjoy it.

Address 1399-1 Noboricho, Yoichi-cho
TEL 0136-21-6655
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Rusutsu Resort
Summer seoson

Let’s enjoy the northern land such as golf
and amusement park for activities set in
the great outdoors. The Rustu Plateau is
a refreshing place full of greenery. Along
with the amusement park and magnificent
golf course adjacent to the hotel, we also
offer a number of activities and nature
experiences set in the wilderness of Hokkaido.

Address 13 Izumikawa, Rusutsu-mura
TEL 0136-46-3331

Let's ride MTB!

10_Let_s ride MTB.jpg


Address 2-29-102, Kita 4-jo Higashi,
TEL 080-5770-4464
Niseko Tokyu Grand HIRAFU
Address 9-1, Niseko Hirafu 1-jo 2-chome,
TEL 0136-22-0189


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NISEKO Trekking

11_NISEKO Trekking.jpg
This is a video of a trekking tour of Niseko
Ambitious. At Niseko Ambitious, we offer a
nature experience tour exclusively for guests,
with the catchphrase of interacting with
nature and meeting friends. There are
trekking tours in each season. We take
guided tours to the Niseko mountain range
and the mountains of Central Hokkaido.

Address 811-1 Soga, Niseko Town
TEL 0136-44-3011

Makkari Bonfire Campsite

At Makkari Bonfire Campsite,
“empty-handed camping” is the standard
style. There is no need to set up tents and
clean up afterwards. From full-scale
glamping to container houses, bell tents,
and trailer houses, you can choose the
style that best suits your mood, members,
and the way you enjoy camping.

Address 86-1, Makkari-mura
TEL 0136-55-6400
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Niseko Cycling nisekovillage

13_Niseko Cycling nisekovillage.jpg

Address Higashiyama Onsen, Niseko Town
TEL 0136-44-2211



Address 238-5 Satomi, Niseko Town
TEL 0136-44-3788
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Niseko Village
Summer season

15_Niseko Village summer season.jpg

Address Higashiyama Onsen, Niseko TownHigashiyama Onsen, Niseko Town
TEL 0136-55-6400


Otaru Tenguyama is the closest place from
Sapporo where you can enjoy a luxurious
and extraordinary experience.
The gradation of the sea and sky in front
of you during the daytime is breathtaking.
The night view is like floating in the city
lights that seem to spill out from the
starry sky.

Address 2-16-15 Mogami, Otaru City
TEL 0134-33-7381
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only “play park” in Japan where you can
enjoy the vast nature in various ways. The
"play park" is characterized by its ability to
allow visitors to not only passively “embrace”
nature, but also to actively “interact” with it.

Address Meiji 56, Akaigawa Village
TEL 0135-34-7575

Otaru Adventure Travel

08_Otaru Adventure Travel.jpg
This is an adventure video of Otaru,
produced by the Otaru Chamber of
Commerce and Industry Youth Club.

Address 2-22-1 Inaho, Otaru City
TEL 0134-22-1177
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Niseko Adventure Center

18_NAC Niseko Adventure Center.jpg
Thaw flooding rafting, which is a spring
tradition in Niseko. You can enjoy the section
where the torrent appears most in the
Shiribetsu River from mid-April to early June.
From June to November, you can enjoy
gentle rafting that elementary school
students can participate in.

Address 179-53 Yamada, Kutchan-cho
TEL 0136-23-2093

Niseko HANAZONO Resort

Canyoning is the simplest and most
exciting water activity to jump into a
mountain stream with just one body!
Let the flow flow, dive into the basin,
and enjoy the water park created
by nature!

Address 328-36 Iwaobetsu, Kutchan-cho
TEL 0136-21-6655
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Summer Seoson
Niseko HANAZONO Resort

In summer Niseko, you can enjoy the
splendor of nature and rafting. Not only that,
you can enjoy various activities under the
spectacular location where nature has
nurtured, such as ducky, canyoning, and sea
kayaking, which you can see in the video.

Address 328-36 Iwaobetsu, Kutchan-cho
TEL 0136-21-6655

Hokkaido Lion Adventure

Rafting on the Shiribetsu River where you
can experience the nature of Niseko.
Experienced and unique staff will guide
you safely. Inexperienced people, families
with small children, and seniors can
participate with peace of mind.

Address 60-4 Chuodori, Niseko-cho
TEL 0136-43-2882
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A safe river ride for children aged 0. Pets are
also welcome. Seniors are also safe. A fun
outdoor experience in Niseko with your
family! Unlike Niseko rafting, you can
enjoy it leisurely.

Address 145-9 Hondori, Niseko-cho
TEL 0136-44-1179

Niseko UKKA

We are trying to do a lot of tours with a
small number of people so that you can
enjoy the nature of Niseko in a homely
atmosphere. All tours include homemade
snacks, drinks, photo shoots and
video shoots.

Address 603-19 Kotohira, Kutchan-cho
TEL 0136-22-1464
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26_ニセコ武田屋.JPGNiseko Takedaya Rafting

From 2 year olds to the elderly, Fight with a
smile! Easy Course & Rafting Course You can
take a rafting boat and a small boat with
you. Free photo data present! Yurari VIP
Private Rafting Course is also available.
Pets are also allowed!

Address 165-5 Niseko Niseko Town
TEL 0136-55-8559



This paragliding school is located in
Akaigawa Village. There is a license course
for those who want to learn paragliding
and fly by themselves. We also offer a
fluffy experience and tandem experience for
those who would like to try it casually.

Address 58-1, Aza Hinode, Akaigawa-mura



The features are the style of flying using only
the original wind of the paraglider and the
beautiful scenery of the foot of Mt. Yotei
spreading from the Niseko mountain range to
Lake Toya. If you can ride the rising wind at
the right time, you can experience a scene
beyond your imagination.

Address 232-5 Rusutsu, Rusutsu-mura
TEL 090-8643-5549
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Rusutsu Resort
Winter seoson

About 90 minutes by car from both Sapporo city
and New Chitose Airport. Hokkaido’s largest
all-season resort is full of fun! A resort with
outstanding hospitality, you can enjoy full-scale
winter sports dynamically and comfortably.

Address 13 Izumikawa,
TEL 0136-46-3331

Kamoenai Village Activity PV


Address 81-20 Kamoenai Village
TEL 0135-76-5011
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Winter Seoson
Niseko HANAZONO Resort

The snow quality praised by passionate skiers
and snowboarders who travel around the
world in search of high-quality powder snow,
the continuous snowfall throughout the season
… The reputation that has spread to the world
by word of mouth is now world-class in Niseko.

Address 328-36 Iwaobetsu, Kutchan-cho328-36 Iwaobetsu,
TEL 0136-21-6655

Niseko Village
Winter seoson

31_Niseko Village.jpg

Address Higashiyama Onsen,
Niseko Town
TEL 0136-55-6400
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Kiroro Resort
Winter Seoson

32_Kiroro Resort.jpg
Kiroro, a 5-star resort famous for its finest
powder snow, offers memorable activities
throughout the four seasons of the year.
Only 90 minutes from New Chitose Airport,
in winter you can enjoy skiing to your
heart’s content on 22 dynamic ski trails
surrounded by magnificent panoramas.

Address 128-1 Aza-Tokiwa,
TEL 0135-34-7171

Mt.Resort Grand HIRAFU

33_Niseko Mt.Resort Grand HIRAFU.jpg
The amount and quality of snow in the
world-class Niseko area of ​​Hokkaido,
the intricately sloping terrain peculiar
to Hirafu, and the world’s largest night
skiing area. This winter is the time to
go to Niseko Grand Hirafu in Hokkaido.

Address 9-1 1-jo 2-chome
Niseko Hirafu, Kutchan Town
TEL 0136-22-0109
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Please see the tour video of Image Works that
everyone can enjoy. It features a private guide
that can accommodate a variety of people from
families, advanced players, laid-back groups,
greedy groups, and seniors.

Address 145-9 Hondori, Niseko-cho
TEL 0136-44-1179

Mt.Shiribetsu-dake Heli Skiing


Address 24-3 Higashiyama,
Niseko Town
TEL 0136-55-5953
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Hokkaido Backcountry Club

This is a video of the Shimamaki CAT tour held at Mt. Kariba in Shimamaki Village. How about an overseas-scale CAT tour in the Karibayama area, which has an attractive location that makes you slip into the Sea of Japan? Limited to 24 people a day, qualified guides from around the world will support you in your personalized skiing.36_島牧CATツアー.jpg
This is a video of the Shimamaki CAT tour
held at Mt. Kariba in Shimamaki Village.
How about an overseas-scale CAT tour
in the Karibayama area, which has an
attractive location that makes you slip into
the Sea of Japan? Limited to 24 people a day,
qualified guides from around the world
will support you in your personalized skiing.

Address 24-3 Higashiyama,
TEL 090-2054-8687


BILLABONG, the world famous surf and
snowboard brand, released a short film
set in Iwanai. The American filmmaker’s
masterpiece captures “Hokkaido’s fine
powder snow, Japanese culture, and
fishing town.

Address 350 Notsuka, Iwanai Town
TEL 0135-62-4622
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Address 357 Haruka-cho, Otaru City
TEL 0134-62-2228
Video(S).png Web(S).png  


Otaru Snow Story

It is the opening lighting ceremony of
“Otaru Snow Story” in 2018.
There are plenty of events such as
“Blue Canal”, “Amber Dream”, and
“Snowman Daisakusen”. A story just
for you comes down.

Address 4-3 Minatomachi, Otaru City
TEL 0134-33-2510

Otaru Snow Light Path

“Otaru Snow Light Path”, which was started
by volunteers in February 1999, is a
fantastic event where candlelight gently
illuminates the old townscape. From dusk
to night, the color of the sky and the
weather create an atmosphere, so you can
enjoy different expressions every day.

Address 4-3 Minatomachi, Otaru City
TEL 0134-32-4111
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Otaru Kourakuen

This Japanese-style onsen ryokan was
established in 1957. 28 of its 34 rooms
have open-air baths. In our 8,000 tsubo
garden, you can enjoy the seasonal
scenery of Hokkaido, centering on about
200 cherry trees.

Address 5-18-2 Shinko, Otaru City
TEL 0134-54-8221

Niseko Takahashi Farm

This video introduces each of the stores at
Niseko Takahashi Farm. It introduces the
vegetable buffet restaurant, the cheese
factory, the pizzeria, and the confectionery
and ice cream store.

Address 888-1 Soga, Niseko-cho
TEL 0136-44-3734
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ShiriBeshi BusLove

43_ShiriBeshi BusLove.jpg
Two staff members will tour Iwanai-cho
by using the Hokkaido Chuo Bus Highway
Iwanai-go, the Notta Line that circulates
in the town, and a shared cab.
Sightseeing spots and gourmet foods will
also be introduced.

Address 2, Kita 1-jo East, Kutchan-cho
TEL 0136-23-1341

Amazing Shiribeshi

44_Amazing ShiriBeshi.jpg
The Tourism Strategy Office of the
Shiribeshi Promotion Bureau has created a
promotional video for the entire Shiribeshi
region. The 90-second video was created
by Aaron Jamieson, an Australian
photographer living in Hirafu. The video is
a condensed version of the video, which
shows the seasonal scenery, food, people,
and activities of the Shiribeshi region.

Address 2, Kita 1-jo East, Kutchan-cho
TEL 0136-23-1365
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Ebisu-ya of rickshaw

Not only around the Otaru Canal, which is
the center of tourism, but also the retro
cityscape that retains the remnants of
the Meiji and Taisho eras, the scenery of
the four seasons of the city surrounded
by the sea and mountains, and even
the hidden spots that are not tourist
destinations, Otaru We will guide you
through all the highlights of Otaru!

Address 2-8-7 Ironai, Otaru City
TEL 0134-27-7771

Iwanai Shrine Festival

Held over three days from the 7th to the 9th
of July, the festival has a 200-year history
and is rich in tradition. Led by the sounds of
Kagura (Shinto music and dance), two
magnificent portable shrines and a
procession of Akasakayakko, an intangible
cultural asset of the town,
parade through the town.

Address 41 Miyazono, Iwanai Town
TEL 0135-62-0143
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Niseko Classic

47_Niseko Classic.jpg
The Niseko Classic, a bicycle road race held
in the Niseko area of Hokkaido, is part of
the UCI Gran Fondo World Series under
the umbrella of the Union Cycliste
Internationale (UCI), and has become
recognized as one of the most international
events of its kind in Japan.

Address 126-2 Aza Yamada, Kutchan-cho
TEL 0136-55-6081

Niseko Promotion Board

Hokkaido’s most famous resort area, Niseko,
is releasing a campaign titled
“The Spirit of the Mountain” to showcase
the region and reinvigorate tourism.
Featuring the faces of dozens of the region’s
most well known and loved personalities
– including the mayors of the three towns
that encompass the region – this video
illustrates the depth of the spirit that
resonates through Niseko’s seasons.

Address 41-5 Kabayama, Kutchan-cho
TEL 0136-21-2551
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Nitori Tourist Orchard

Nitori Kanko Orchard (formerly Yamamoto
Kanko Orchard) is located in Yoichi,
Hokkaido. Visitors can enjoy picking a variety
of fruits and eating at the restaurant house.

Address 1102-5 Noboricho, Yoichi-cho
TEL 0135-23-6251

Kotobuki Oyster

Kotobuki oysters have gained a reputation
as a specialty of Suttsu. Kotobuki oysters
are in season from late April to late June.
The oysters are delicious raw, grilled, or
steamed, as they are rich in nutrients from
the spring snow melt that flows from the
river to the sea.

Address 29-1 Oiso-cho, Suttsu-cho
TEL 0136-75-7201
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Antenna Shop Suttsu Sakana-isshin

51_アンテナショップ寿都魚一心 寿都町観光PR動画.jpg
This is a tourism promotion video for the
town of Sutsu playing at the “Antenna
Shop Suttsu Sakana Isshin,”. At this shop,
you can enjoy a wide variety of meals,
including a set menu of seasonal nigirizushi
for lunch, nigirizushi for dinner, sashimi
and grilled seafood dishes, a la carte
dishes of local meats and vegetables,
and a variety of delicacies.

Address 51-5 Soga, Niseko Town
TEL 0136-44-1208


This video introduces the charms of Otaru’s
beautiful coastline, which is designated as
the “Niseko-Shakotan-Otaru Coast National
Park. The five videos, “Shukutsu,” “Sea
Kayak,” “SUP,” “Otamoi,” and “Akaiwa,”
are themed according to each theme,
allowing viewers to experience
the “rich nature” of Otaru’s coastline.

Address 4-3 Minatomachi, Otaru City
TEL 0134-33-2510
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Video(O).png Web(O).png

Yoichi Town Tourism PR Video


Address 5-43 Kurokawa-cho, Yoichi-cho
TEL 0135-22-4115

Furubira Town Sightseeing Video

This is a sightseeing video of Furubira Town.
Please watch the charm of Furuhira Town
such as seafood in this peaceful town
at the base of Shakotan Peninsula.

Address 50 Hamamachi, Furubira-cho
TEL 0135-42-2181
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Shakotan Tourism PR Video

Please enjoy Shakotan’s four seasons,
tastes and experiences in this video.

Address 380-6 Funama, Bikuni-cho,
TEL 0135-44-3715


We have a “co-working space” where you
can telework. In addition, there is a
tavern and a restaurant across the street
where you can enjoy meals. At Tsunakiso,
you will find an environment where you
can both concentrate on your work and
have a change of pace!

Address 83-29 Kamoenai Village
TEL 090-9053-2455
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This video introduces the attractions of a
work vacation in the Niseko Kutchan area
of Hokkaido. Check out the Niseko Resort
Stay Channel and the Workcation Niseko
website for more information on the
accommodations, cafes, and activities
recommended for workcationers!

Address 41-5 Aza-Kabayama, Kutchan-cho
TEL 0136-22-3344

Niseko Gourmet

This video introduces Hokkaido NISEKO
Kutchan area. We introduce you to the
apricot dining ! Please check out our other
excellent gourmet Vlog series on
Niseko Resort Stay Channel.

Address 41-5 Aza-Kabayama, Kutchan-cho
TEL 0136-22-3344
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Otaru Kaimeirou Introduction Video

61_おたる海鳴楼 紹介動画.jpg
This is an introduction to the store and
purchase method of Music Box Store
Kaimeirou. the parts that decorate the box
and the music box itself are selected and
customized by the customers themselves,
so we introduce them separately as
a combination music box, self-made
music box and custom-made music box.

Address 1-20 Sakaimachi, Otaru City
TEL 0134-23-6505

Otaru Kaimeirou Infinite Music Box

62_おたる海鳴楼 無限オルゴール.jpg
Music box of the new age that echoes in
2021 of Music Box HallⓇ Kaiminguro
[Infinite Music Box] is an introduction of
the music box. It plays an infinite number
of songs, and with infinite playing time,
the sound of an old-fashioned music box
will ring out as it is.

Address 1-20 Sakaimachi, Otaru City
TEL 0134-23-6505
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If you are seeing “Kitashiribeshi” for the
first time, you may not be able to read it.
There are spots scattered throughout
Kitashiribeshi that you may be tempted
to recommend to your friends.
Breathtaking views, unforgettable
experiences, and places with mysterious
powers. This area is full of Hokkaido’s charms.

Address 128-1 Tokiwa, Akaigawa Village

Winter Workcation

The caldera terrain that nurtures rich
agricultural produce, the fantastic sea of
clouds in summer, and the powdery snow
in winter. We offer you a unique work
vacation that is suited to each season in
Akaigawa Village, which has a variety of
faces, and we invite you to experience the
scenery, contact with people and nature,
and leisurely time that can only be seen
during an extended stay in one area.

Address 128-1 Tokiwa, Akaigawa Village
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Four Seasons in Rusutsu Village

This is an introductory video that captures
the spring, summer, fall, and winter seasons
in Rusutsu Village.The filming spots are
all over Rusutsu Village. Please enjoy
the vast nature, beautiful scenery, delicious
food, and fun spots in Rusutsu Village through
the video!

Address 26, Rusutsu Aza, Rusutsu-mura
TEL 0136-46-3453



About Shiribeshi region


The Shiribeshi region is located in the western part of Hokkaido and is composed of 20
municipalities. Rich in nature such as Mt. Yotei and the beautiful coastline, it is also blessed
as a “treasure of food” such as marine products and agricultural products, and abundant
sake such as wine, Japanese sake, beer, gin and whiskey is also made.

Shiribeshi is easily accessible from Sapporo and New Chitose Airport, and with three natural
parks, it is an area rich in nature typical of Hokkaido.

In addition to powder snow in winter, the region offers active recreation throughout the four
seasons, including rafting, sea kayaking, cycling, and skydiving in summer.

After playing, enjoy fresh seafood and mountain delicacies and sake, wine, and whiskey
produced in Goshi, and refresh yourself in a hot spring.

You can also take a city walk to Otaru or a port town to feel the history. We look forward to
seeing you in Shiribeshi!





〒044-8588倶知安町北1条東2丁目 後志合同庁舎


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