How to apply for a job

How to apply for job-opening in general

  1. Find a job HERE
  2. Registration
  3. Consultation and schedule an interview
  4. To have an interview
  5. How to receive a result


In order to apply for job-openings, you need to complete the registration.

Please download the Job Application form from HERE,

fill in all the requirements and send to:


Make sure to read and agree the Treatment of Personal Information.


In case you could not download the form, please copy the texts below.

Please fill in all the requirements and send by E-mail.

★Registration requirement★

 - Gender:

 - Nationality:

 - Current residential address:

 - Current employer:

 - Tel:

 - E-Mail:

 - Validity driving license in Japan: Hold or Don't Hold

 - expire date(y/m/d)

 - Possesion cars in Japan: Possess or Don't Possess

 - Visa Type:

 - Validity period:

 - Other Qualifications:

 - Japanese level: Native, Simple daily conversation, None(want to learn)

 - Desired Working Period: yyyy/mm/dd - yyyy/mm/dd

 - Desired job(Job number):

 - Experiences:

 - Any request:

 - How many days of a week, you wish to work:

 - Need for housing: Need or Don't Need

 - Desired room types: -Desired interview date and time(fill out the date and time of 1st to 3rd preference)

1st preference time Date

2nd preference time: Date

3rd preference time: Date

※ The first meeting with us to be held online

Consultation and schedule an meeting

After reviewing the application form at Shiribeshi General Sub Prefectural Bureau, we will contact you and schedule an online or skype meeting.

To have an interview with the company.

Interviews are possibly held via Skype or other equivalent method.

How to receive a result

A notice of acceptance to be sent to Shiribeshi General Sub Prefectural Bureau and we will inform the result to the applicant.







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