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No. Farm Name Location Production Summary Hourly
Room JP
Period** Details
A02  Sun Farm  Rusutsu  Asparagus,Carrott etc.  Click  900 yen  Ask 


Y02 Farm Topia  Rankoshi  Asparagus, potatoes etc.     980yen Y 4/1-10/31  Click 
Y03  Kanekuro Hikari Rankoshi Tomatoes    900yen N M 5/1-11/11  Click
Y06  Ohiro Yoshimi Farm  Makkari Lily    900yen Y 10/1-11/30  Click
Y08 Mukai Yoshikazu  Makkari  Potato & others    950yen  3/20-10/31  Click 
Y09 Sasaki Farm  Makkari Lily & others    1,000yen Y M 4/1-11/30  Click
Y13   Kawanishi Akihiro Makkari  Carrots, chinese yam   1,000yen 3/20-5/10  Click 
Y15  Innami Osamu Farm  Makkari Potato & others    1,000yen Y M 4/1-11/30  Click
Y16  Takakura Masashi Farm Makkari Potato & others    1,000yen Y M 5/1-10/31  Click
Y17  Takakura Masashi  Makkari  Dairy farm    1,000yen  1/1-12/31  Click 
Y18 Vegitable Works  Makkari  Bloccoli   1,000yen  Ask  9/1-10/31  Click
Y21 Iwata Farm  Rusutsu  Potato & others      900yen 3/25-11/30  Click 
Y24  Kikuchi Ryuji  Kimobetsu  Bloccoli     900yen Y L 4/1-10/31   Click
Y25  Green Farm Sasahara Kyogoku Potato & others       1,000yen 4/1-10/31  Click 
Y28 Yokokawa Noriyuki  Kyogoku Potato & others     1,000yen N M


Y29 Sakamoto Kouji  Kyogoku  Potato & others      900yen N 5/1-10/31  Click 
Y35 Makita Farm  Kutchan  Potato & others     180,000yen/month 4/1-10/31  Click 
Y38 Kimura Farm  Kutchan  Potato & others     1,000yen N M 7/25-9/20  Click 
Y39 Adachi Farm  Kutchan  Potato & others    950yen  M 5/1-9/10 Click 
Y45 Umeda Agri  Rusutsu  Potato & others    1,000yen 5/1-8/31  Click 
Y54   Omote Hidejirou Kutchan  Potato & others     1,200yen 6/1-9/30  Click 
Y57  Tanaka Nobuaki Rankoshi  Rice and melon    1,000yen 5/1-5/31  Click 

   * Japanese Language Skill Requirement: NR.. Not Required / L.. Low / M... Middle (Simple Daily Conversation)
        If you are a fluent Japanese speaker, we can show more job opening information. Please ask us.

 ** We show the longest period in "period" column. Most of  the farm owners accept short period workers (minimum: 1month)
        If you need more details, please  contact us.

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